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Bob gave away a HOG!

Bob and AV Harley Davidson gave away a hog! A smoked, packaged, freezer ready, delivered to your door, hog! From the Kiwanis JR. Auction at the AV Fair! CONGRATULATIONS KRISTY YOUNG, WINNER OF A HOG!


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Click here to win tickets to Knott's Scary Farm!

Bob is giving away tickets to Knott's Scary Farm! Knott’s Scary Farm knows your deepest, darkest fear, and they’ve brought it to life. Whatever you’re imagining, it’s there. Select nights, September 24th through Halloween. Tickets as low as $39.99 at

Click here to win Bob's Gemstone of the Month!

Bob FM presents Bob's Gemstone of the Month! Your chance to win fine jewelry featuring the birthstone for each month from William Jewelers! For the month of October, Bob is giving away a 14 karat gold 8 by 6 oval opal set securely in a gold bezel. The physical structure of opal in unique. Tiny spheres of silicon dioxide from a pyramid shaped frip interspersed with water. Tiny natural faults in this grid cause the characteristic "Play of color". The effect is similar to the rainbow colors displayed on a soap bubble, only more dramatic.

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